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Don’t Miss: Morning at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Don’t Miss: Morning at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.


“Dancing in the Rain”

Just the other day a friend of mine asked me, Have you ever danced in the rain? I frowned a little thinking to myself, why would I ever do that? I thought of a thousand reasons why this wouldn’t make any sense or serve any purpose to me. Besides that, my hair would get wet and that would be a disaster.

From the time that I was a child, I was always taught, scolded, and trained to come in from the rain for fear of getting pneumonia or whooping cough, besides the fact that it’s raining cats and dogs out there. I chuckle at the grey areas of childhood beliefs. So now that I was confronted with Dancing in the rain, as much as I referred to the reasoning of ole, what harm would it do? Really? I am sure that there was a reason that I was asked the question in the first place, although I chose not to ask. So as I sat in my office, I could hear the faint sounds of rain tip toeing on the shingle on my rooftop. I tilted my head to the side with child like curiosity, and I thought, why not? I got my flip flops out of the closet and headed for the front door, imagination in tact. When I got to the door, I stood there for a second in contemplation..What will the neighbors think? “Who cares!”, as I threw caution to the wind, stepping out of my comfort zone,… and danced in the rain. For the first time in my life I wasn’t trying to run between raindrops, and it was intentionally wonderful and freeing. I took all of my childhood reservations with me, and let go of each and every reason, Not to!

I speak of this instant in my life because, I have recalled over the years how other people’s reasoning would effect whether or not I would take a chance. There have been many opportunities that I have let come and go for fear of what I’ve been taught to not agree with or against.  But until I threw, and we throw caution to the wind and simply, dance in the rain, we may never know what will awaken the passion in our souls….granting us one more chance to get it right.

The Simple beauty of Life…being thankful.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my three year, saying “Mommy turn around”. I have yet to take down her crib and convert it into a daybed in her own room, being that she doesn’t sleep well unless I am in the room with her. So I complied with the little voice calling my name. She is surprised each time at the response she receives as I turn around wide eye, as if I were awake the whole time, surges my excitement as well. I am always taken back to the time that she was born. You see, Noni as we call her, was born two months premature. I remember laying eyes on her for the first time and thinking, “Oh God”, she is so tiny. I think that I was in shock at the fact that she could be held with one hand. I didn’t get to hold her after she was born. Her heart was very weak and she had to be rushed to the Nic Unit. So there I was in the coldness of the operating room left with all of my fears and the what-ifs. If anyone has ever been faced with the confrontation of a possible life or death situation, you become forced to acknowledge the fragility and preciousness of life. It was two day before I could see my precious little Noni. I know for certain that it was the longest two days that I have ever experienced. It was as if there were more hours in a day because I was waiting. I have to say that I was never sad during the wait, just relentlessly hopeful. When I was finally able to see Noni, I just needed her to know in whatever certainty I could muster up, “I was here, and this is where I would be everyday until she was able to come home.” So that was my message every time I would visit her. “Mommy’s here”. I mention this story because, I reference it to all of the things and happenings in my life that I may have taken for granted or overlooked, or not paid enough attention to. That one moment in the birth of my daughter, my third child, transcended me in to a world of “Thankfulness”. No longer would I think of the the pettiness of anything that has fallen short or will fall short of my expectations any longer. That moment in time became my time to wake up to my life and those around me, and simply, breathe.  And for that I am “Thankful“.


I started this blog so that artist, and writers could free their mind openly and objectively without biased opinions that offend the persons expressing themselves. I write to inspire and encourage a world of readers that has lost sight on the preciousness of why we are here.  I encourage each of my fellow bloggers  to just join in and free yourself. No topic of discussion is off limits, unless it is determined to be hurtful or with prejudices to race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.  So with that being said, free yourself people.

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