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I started this blog so that artist, and writers could free their mind openly and objectively without biased opinions that offend the persons expressing themselves. I write to inspire and encourage a world of readers that has lost sight on the preciousness of why we are here.  I encourage each of my fellow bloggers  to just join in and free yourself. No topic of discussion is off limits, unless it is determined to be hurtful or with prejudices to race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.  So with that being said, free yourself people.


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One thought on “FREE YOUR MIND

  1. Wonderful, simply wonderful! I love what the mission of your blog is. I too started blogging to give myself and others a voice to use as a source of inspiration, comfort, compassion, healing, courage, wisdom and strength. You name it and I’ve probably talked about it 😉 I love what you are doing and enjoy everything you have written. You truly inspire me. Thank you for just being you!
    Much love and many blessings,

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